Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Heart attack on a stick

Our annual trip to the NC state fair was last weekend.  We didn't ride rides, and we didn't look at many exhibits.  We went there to EAT! We semi knew our plan of attack from things we liked last year but there were also some new eats to be discovered this go around.

Adam's fried snickers below.  I'm not so much for the friend candy bars and stuff, I know I think that is like a sin when speaking of the fair, but it just doesn't do it for me.

Yes we saw this advertised, and no we didn't get it...
And that would be another advertisement for fried Kool-Aid.  There was actually a girl beside us in line that got it, she said it was good, but I think she was lying ha!  And then roasted corn, which is a staple at the fair.  It was super delicious.
Oh and that picture of me holding that chocolate triangle thing above is frozen chocolate dipped Cheesecake! OH MAN that was good.  I will be getting it EVERY year from now on.  It was huge though so I couldn't eat all of it, even with help from Adam and a couple of bites from Cristy.  It was terrific and in fact my mouth is watering right now....
And yes that chocolate funny looking thing there is chocolate covered bacon.
Adam enjoying a fried oreo that one of our friends shared with him.  He said those are on the list for next year.
This is our good friend Cristy who split the bacon with Adam.  Check out their reaction below!

Until next year!


  1. Is it ok to say I am slightly jealous? Especially of the cheesecake and the bacon...yum! miss the fair...but so glad you guys got to enjoy it :)

  2. ASHLEY! Are your nails painted????? and are they BLACK?!

    so stinkin' proud of you if so.


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