Monday, October 17, 2011

Free Fall Art

I have been wanting to share this for a while but hadn't gotten around to it.  If you are in love with Pinterest like I am you might have already seen these floating around there.  And if you've never heard of or experienced Pinterest it is best said by a quote I saw on there

a reminder of the clothes I'll probably never buy, 
decor ideas I'll probably never utilize, 
recipes & crafts I'm too lazy or busy to make,
places I'll probably never go, 
sayings I wasn't clever enough to start, 
and of course the photos I wish I could take credit for, 
but I'm way addicted, go figure!

Needless to say it's awesome and you should check it out!  

They're super cute prints that you can upload to wal-mart and then frame yourself.  I found wal-mart was 1) cheaper, 2) they do the matte version not glossy, 3) they're ready in an hour.  Go to this website and follow her instructions.  Note* make sure you right click on the picture to blow it up before you upload it so that it will upload the right dimensions, because I eh-hem did not do that of course, not me...


  1. Love it! I think we need a craft night.

  2. Hey--I love pinterest! Here is mine if you are interested:



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