Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fingerprints, check!

We received our appointment letter from USCIS on September 20th yay!  It said that our appointment date was October 14th, but we knew better, nice try USCIS!  Because of our amazing adoption community around us I knew that we didn't have to wait till our appointment time and could head in early.  We called and they said we don't have walk-in hours,  huh?  I contacted a fellow adoptive mom and she said take your letter with you, show up at 8, and act like you're supposed to be there, Haha! I love it!  And you know what? she was right.  We didn't say anything about our appointment being later and they seemed to not care because they definitely looked at our letter, A LOT. 

No lie y'all this was the nicest government agency I have ever been to, oxymoron right?  Not only was the building nice an modern but all of the people were super nice and very helpful, shocker I know!  I was completely prepared for the DMV like experience that we all know and love.  But we were out of there in probably like 20 minutes.  It was great!  So now we wait for our fingerprints to arrive at our house, could be anywhere between 1-6+ weeks, we have no idea, it seems to be all over the board as to the time frame.  I have already prepared myself that we will likely have to do this again before our adoption is final because we are looking at a looooong wait and they will probably expire before it is complete.  Better to get this sort of thing in your head now!

We found out too that we have to update our physicals :( They are only good for 2 years once your dossier is submitted and since we are already 1 year in they would only be good for 1 more year.  Once we are on the wait list it will likely be a solid year before we get a referral, very likely longer.  Our caseworker recommended we go ahead and update them so that we don't have to pay for it to be added to our dossier when it is in Ethiopia next year.  Can I just tell you how much I'm looking forward to this.... Last year I was all gung-ho about them and I wasn't even nervous.  I'm fine about it this year but it just kind of depressing because we got them done last year thinking we would be working through our paperwork and onto the wait list by spring.  It is just a reminder of the somewhat painful year that we have been through and that we have been in this process for a year+ now. 

On the bright side we were able to get a "quick" appointment at the same time again on the 12th, and then we'll be able to send in everything for authentication, and once we get our fingerprints back we send everything to Texas and then once they send it off we are on the wait list baby! BAM!

Can't wait for that post one day announcing we are on the wait list!  What a sweet day of celebration that will be....

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  1. can't wait for the wait list post!!!! so thankful you have another step checked off the list. thanks for typing the process out- I enjoyed reading where you are at in it. love y'all!


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