Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Favorites

Does anyone else feel like fall is a lot of people's favorite time of the year?  I think it's because everyone is ready for a break from the horrendous heat that southern summers bring.  And for me I also get excited about starting to wear some different clothes instead of the same summer stuff all the time.  Also it is just a season that brings so many wonderful sights and smells.  I wanted so share some of my fall favorites/wishlist so far.  This candle from Bath&Body Works smells amazing!  I have a phobia thing about my house smelling bad so I love theses candles.  This scent is so warm and everything perfectly "autumn"

Next up is wildly popular obviously but for me it is a new one.  I tried a pumpkin spice latte last year and wasn't a huge fan.  But this year I decided to try one again just to see, and lo and behold I think my tastebuds decided to wake up to the deliciousness that is a pumpkin spice latte.  I think I could drink one everyday.  There's a chance that I may be addicted and starting pumpkin spice anonymous pretty soon....
Ok someone else let me know if they have ever heard of this... So I was in the mood to make a fall "treat" and hubs when to the store for me to get some ingredients.  Could NOT find pumpkin anywhere.  He finally asked someone and they said that there has been a pumpkin shortage for a while now apparently and they only put pumpkin out at then end of october and november! what?!!! So alas my pumpkin "treat" must wait a little longer....

Don't those look delicious?  Here is the recipe for whenever pumpkin comes back in "stock" I guess.

Next is this great fall decor and super easy to make, also found on Pinterest.  Now where to find a giant letter....

Also love these and would love to make them
Those are just a few things I've spotted.loved.and wanted to share.  Happy Fall!


  1. I love everything about this post and everything about Fall! If you find a big letter, let me know where-- I would totally steal that idea-- love it!

  2. I am with ya, Ashley, all things fall make me smile :) And stink it on no pumpkin (but I feel ya...we just have pureed butternut squash here lol!)


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