Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not a "fan"

I would like to introduce you to our fan:
Flashback to the 1980s anyone? Sad looking isn't it?  and oh the scroll....
He was a little outdated ok a LOT outdated.  It has just been one of those things that hasn't been high on our list.  We have been re-doing our bedroom.  We recently sold all of our bedroom furniture and are currently in the very slow process of re-doing pieces we have found on craigslist.  I know it will be worth it in the end but it sure is hard work!

That fan also has 1 tiny little light bulb and 4 blades for our entire room so it can get kind of dark and hot on occasion. 
Yes that is dust on Adam's head and face, he has gone a little gray since he married me but not that much!  Hazards of being my husband...

Here is the new fan, well the first one anyways.  Here is the new Hampton Bay Wellston fan from Home Depot, or "Welly" as I affectionately call him.  We scoped out blue and orange for our fan but in the end orange had the style and size we were looking for.  We opened the box to this guy and started getting it ready.  And no lie 2 of the screws wouldn't come unscrewed and stripped very easily with a hand screw driver since you can't really use an electric one with all the tight spaces.  So we had to take that one back and got a new one.  one for blue, and zero for orange. 
It was not such a simple process.  We have installed a ceiling fan before and it was NOWHERE near this hard.  All the wiring would not so easily fit and things weren't lining up so great, insert "they just don't make things like they used ta" quote from multiple members of my family.  Adam went back to home depot to see about an additional part and they left him standing there for 15 minutes never coming back to help him.  two for blue, and zero for orange.  I'll make a long story short but after several hours of pulling and tugging and rewiring etc. Welly was finally resting forced in his new home. 
Isn't he handsome?
We are very happy with the new look and glad to have another update in our house. 

Well some of us are happy,  and some of us that did all the work are sweaty and tired with sore arms... tehehe thanks honey wink :)


  1. hahaha- love that last picture of Adam. and even though it was a lot of hard work, the new fan looks GREAT! good work!

  2. i'm pretty sure we just put that exact fan in our bedroom, our older son's room, and the white version in our younger son's room...though we didn't have quite the debacle that you did! at least it looks awesome in the end... :)

  3. "FAN"tastic! from your fan club members - all two of us.


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