Monday, August 22, 2011

I heart ikea

This weekend while we were visiting our families and attending a wedding, we decided to trek on over to ikea before the wedding.  and let me tell you, saturday... NOT the day to go.  We have only been once before and it was a monday, much better day!  To say it was packed would be an understatement.  I had my eye on the Hemnes shoe cabinet.  I had already been searching this bad boy out.  And I felt like I kept seeing it everywhere, in magazines, on pinterest, etc.  so I took it as a sign and decided it had to be mine all mine!

I did have a rational for it and here I plead my case: Our carpets upstairs are really bad, like embarrassing bad.  I have never liked the idea of wearing shoes where your bare feet also are especially places like the bathroom and bedroom.  But our carpet is horrendous so who cares right?  Well we are getting it cleaned next month and now is our chance to start fresh.  I am hoping that cleaning them does wonders and it will look sparkling clean, but we'll see, one can hope.

We started building it last night when we got back, even though it was late, I couldn't stand it, it's like a new toy ya know?!  I finished it today while Adam was at work and then he helped me secure it to the wall. 
I love it and am super excited that it will help us keep our carpets cleaner!  Also bonus part is now I can get some shoes out of my closet where there is currently not enough space for all mine and Adam's shoes.

Now I just need some nick-naks and pictures to go over it!
So what are some of your ikea favs?  I would love to hear 'em!


  1. OK, that sucker is pretty awesome. We have one thing from ikea, Zeke's bed. But the thing is so awesome. We love it and I know we will for years to come

  2. we have a bjursta table and china cabinet...i adore them both!! :)

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