Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adoptive Mom's retreat

I wanted to share about an upcoming retreat for Adoptive mom's called Created for Care, this retreat is not just for moms it also includes you if you are thinking about adoption or just want to come along and be supportive of a friend or relative that is adopting.  I did not go last year but enjoyed the recording of all the sessions given to me by my friend and also adoption mentor Rebekah! I like to brag that they are our adoption mentor couple because they are awesome even though they have moved away now:( AND they are soooooo close to getting a referral I can hardly stand it! Anyhow... I am super excited to go this retreat this year and I think you should think about going too!  I am so excited about what the Lord will teach me and how I will grow in preparation for our little guy to get here one day.

If you're interested go check out the website, read Rebekah's blog about her experience last year and sign up THIS THURSDAY so not much time to think about it, acutally just don't think about it go and sign up now! 

and p.s. last year it filled up within the first 48 hours so jump on it!


  1. how neat! I would love to go to that with you... wish I could. Looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. Yay I am so glad you are going! And I fully expect you to return the favor and get me a cd this time :) Love you and miss you!


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