Wednesday, July 27, 2011

on to USCIS

We are sending in the rest of our supporting documents tomorrow so that Gladney can send our homestudy etc. to USCIS which is Immigration services.  This is the last big thing that we will need to complete our dossier and be on the wait list!  Once we get our appointment time from USCIS we can then go to the walk-in hours at the local agency here.  The thing about this is, is that it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 Weeks.  Of course I am desperately praying as I know every other adoptive parent who has gone through this that we are in fact on the shorter end of the wait so that we can get to the wait list.  So pray for:
  • The process to go quickly that we will receive our letter and fingerprints back quickly
  • That however long it takes we will remember the Lord's sovereignty over all and be patient
Also in case you haven't already heard about the crisis in the Horn of Africa right now.  From Samaritan's Purse website:

The most devastating drought to hit the Horn of Africa in 60 years has created a 
critical food shortage that is threatening the lives of 11 million people. 
A recent report warns that more than 500,000 children are at risk of imminent death. 
The United Nations has described the crisis as "the world's worst humanitarian disaster."

You can use that link to go directly to their page to donate.  Please consider donating to a trusted organization to help these people who are fighting to survive.   Stalin is not often my main man to quote but he got this right, "The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic." I pray that the world does not let that statistic wash over them as they hear the nightly news but are moved to act.

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