Monday, July 18, 2011

It's a baby shower!

This past weekend I got to host a shower for one of my dear friends in our small group.  I have had the privilege of getting to know Laura Ashley over the past year and am so thankful that the Lord put us together during this season of life!
confession: I can't bring myself to take these down from my mantle they are just soooo cute!

 Her name in a flag banner I made, Holland Grace.  Isn't that just so stinkin beautiful! I love it!
A thank you card station for people to self address an envelope.  I had heard this idea at showers before and I think it is an awesome way to take some pressure off the recipient.  It is easy to get bogged down with thank you notes.  Especially because usually when you have a shower of some sort it is in the midst of a busy life changing time in your life when you don't have a ton of extra time to write a billion and million notes!  I am thankful for gifts when I get them don't get me wrong but I HATE HATE HATE writing thank you notes.  Who came up with that garbage anyways? Isn't saying thank you enough!? I always feel so much pressure to get them out quickly then I feel this tremendous guilt for not doing it fast enough and end up procrastinating, then comes more guilt more pressure.... as you can see a dirty vicious cycle!  annnnnnd stepping of soap box now...
I made some tissue paper pom poms following this tutorial.  Then I added some rain drops because it was a "shower" get it? ha.ha. One of the girls that helped out mentioned this idea and then I got some inspiration from pinterest!

strawberry cupcakes yum! I forgot to take a picture of the rest of the food :( It was all quite declious!
Lemon drop party favors, says thanks for "dropping" by. Another pinterest find.

Some of the girls putting their thumbprint on a tree Laura Ashley made for Hollands room.  She is taking it to all of her showers.  How neat!
All the ladies.  We had a great time and Laura Ashley got lots of great stuff as they prepare for Holland Grace to make her appearance soon! We can't wait to meet you little one!


  1. the decorations look so cute! did you rearrange your living room? and is the bridal portrait new? looks good!

  2. Love the addressing envelopes idea! I'm STILL trying to get out all the thank you cards from my baby shower weeks ago! I agree about the thank you cards. I said thank you at the many times do I need to express my gratitude?! lol

  3. love the decorations- especially the rain drops since its a shower :)

    can you do me a favor and send me an email telling me how you made your blog header? thanks girl!


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