Friday, July 15, 2011

Better After

As a tribute to one of my favorite blogs Better After, I thought I would post some better after projects that I have been up to lately.  If you've never checked out Better After I highly recommend it.   A great place to get inspiration and how to take drab to fab.

First is this old TV cabinet that was given to us by Adam's parents.  It has been in our living room by the stairs for a while and collecting junk.  I have been itching to give it a face lift.



Cabinet: Free
Big Basket: $17.00 at Michaels
2 Cans of Spray Paint: $8.00
Total: about $25.00
Definitely cheaper than buying one brand new, even somewhere like ikea.

Next up an easy project that adds a special touch to any gathering or party.


I spray painted the outside with the leftover spray paint from the cabinet and I already had the chalkboard paint.

Hideous frame from Goodwill: $1.00
Chalkboard paint: already had
Total: $1.00

Look for that frame in an upcoming baby shower that I'm hosting!

Lastly was not a major DIY project but I'm still super excited about them.  Our couch pillows are from when we first got married I had bought them and even though they were a little over sized for the couch I kept them anyways.  But it was time for them to retire....

See that big hole? yeah real pretty...

A little off scale compared to the couch but they worked, and were super comfortable.


I got those green pillows from west elm and I luuuuurve them.  (shout out for my bff sara since she has declared that the word of the month in honor of our favorite blog YHL another fabulous design blog that I highly recommend. We talk about John&Sherry as if we know them!)

I had seen these pillows on West Elm before and they were on clearance.  I decided not to get them right then but I still daydreamed occasionally about skipping through a field of daises while swinging the pillow around in the air in a full on love affair.  BUT THEN Sherry posted about these SAME pillows that she purchased on YHL and said that they were now free shipping, so I batted my eyelashes a little at hubs and he caved so they were mine all mine! I got them today and they were even more beautiful than I had imagined!

They were just pillow covers,  so reusing what I already had I cut the guts out of the pillow that had a hole in it and stuffed away.
my only regret.... I wish I would have got more....


  1. loved this post and LURRRRVE the stuff you have been up to! those pillows rock the party.

  2. look at you being all crafty! I loved the chalkboard at the shower!

  3. Great work on both of your projects! I'm itching to make a chalkboard frame too.... just trying not to collect too many items while we still have to move two more times. And you're not alone.... my sister and I talk about John & Sherry like they're a neighbors, haha! Gotta love the blog world :)


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