Wednesday, June 29, 2011

summer time loves

When summertime rolls around there are always certain things that I love that just help make the sweetness of the season that much better.  Some must haves for the summer or things I am loving right now are:
Secret Coco Butter Kiss
This is my must have deodorant every summer season.  Strange?.... maybe....but the fresh coco butter smell makes me think of the beach when I put it on mmmmm

Next up is this nifty little product I came across recently:

Xen Tan
I was in a wedding at the end of May and wasn't quite looking as tan as I had hoped, which is a usual occurrence for a blonde hair brown eyed fair skinded gal like myself so nothing new BUT I had heard about this stuff on E News while at the beach with some friends and thought I would give it a whirl.  I was amazed! It was like a DIY spray tan that you can use over and over again for virtually the price of one spray tan.  Left a natural looking tan without the odor of usual self-tanning products.  It lasted several days and I have continued to use it on an off since then.  You can find it at Ulta.  Take a 20% off coupon with you though it will save you some $$$$$! 

 Island Margarita Wallflowers from Bath&Body Works
I love this scent!  It is so fresh and fruity smelling and is currently plugged into my wall downstairs.  Anyone else had one of the wallflower units break on you?  Just recently mine went out when I realized it had been a while and the bulb was still full.  Changed it with another and it started working fine.  I was a little bummed though I feel like the adapter didn't last that long :( anywho I have this fear that I can't smell my house if it stinks, anyone with me?!  ya know how you get immune to your own house smell?  so I try to always have one of these or a candle lit if we're expecting company.  If anyone would like to donate a Island Margarita candle it would be greatly appreciated and my address is.... ha ha just kidding just kidding 

Lighting Bugs
Or Fireflies as some people call them.  I have so many wonderful memories chasing Lighting Bugs, as we call them, in my grandmas front yard when I was a kid and they are always a true sign of summer,  I am looking for an artsy picture of them for our home so if anyone comes across one send the link my way!

Beach vacays with the fam.  This is currently our view while we are enjoying some time with Adam's family this week.  We have a house sitter this week and thankful that Tucker is in good hands but I sure am missing this face: 

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  1. love what your lovin'! I'm going to have to try that deo asap...and I'm sooooooooo jealous that you are at the beach. PS: random but banana republic outlet is having a HUGE sale. go. stock. up. like. i. did. :)


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