Thursday, June 16, 2011

Potter Time!

This is my favorite trailer so far for the next and final Harry Potter movie, tear ;(  It comes out one month from yesterday woo hoo!

It's true, we are Potter fans around here, no shame.  We went to see it last time at the IMAX with some friends and will defintely be going back to the IMAX it was an awesome way to see it!  Just a little fyi, if you are thinking about going just know that you have to buy tickets online and well in advance.  It was funny/sad to see people walking up to the ticket window and try to buy tickets for that nights showing, sorry pal go home buy your tickets online and come back in a couple of weeks because that's the next available showtime.  Needless to say we are looking forward to it and will be buying tickets online!

Question: if Twilight Fans are twihards, do you think Potter fans could be pottheads?  food for thought...

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  1. this post just made me laugh. not even the fact that you are potter fans, i respect that. but potheads? ha and "sorry pal" ha. you crack me up. you should be a comedian.


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