Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ethiopian Dining

This past weekend we went with some friends, fellow adoptive parents, and mentor couple from the Summit Orphan Care group to an Ethiopian Restaurant in Raleigh.  I had heard about some of the food but didn't really know what to expect.  The very nice waitress helped us out and everyone enjoyed what they got. 

The bread looking stuff you see there is called Injera.  It is a spongy looking bread, kind of pancake like consistency that you tear apart and use to pick up your food with as there are no utensils.  It was all very good and I would definitely go back. 
I kind of wish that I took a picture of what the restaurant looked like, it certainly looked like you just walked into Africa.  If we can find some of that kind of food when it is time for us to go to Ethiopia I think we'll be just fine!


  1. I already commented on Rebekah's post about this...but just wanted to say we went to that restaurant a few times and loved it! So good. There are quite a lot of Ethiopian restaurants here in Denver so we'll have to go check them out soon. :-)

  2. how fun! glad you enjoyed the food!

    this is random but i just saw that you commented on Gray and Leigh's blog-we knew them in college and served with them in our college ministry. how are you guys connected with them?? we are so happy for them now that they have "A"

  3. Loved reading your blog. Miss you!
    Love you!

  4. How wonderful that you have such great support as you wait! I'm envious! Wish we had more local adoptive families!


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