Tuesday, May 31, 2011

update on current wait times

With Gladney we have monthly conference calls that update us on different issues in Ethiopia, changes in policies, current wait times, etc.  Things are still kind of shifty over there right now.  They are somewhat backlogged from the whole slowdown thing and from some changeovers that were happening in the MOWCYA.  I have heard that they suspect it could continue through the rainy season June-September (someone correct me if I'm wrong) and then hopefully it will get cleared up but there are certainly no guarantees.

So right now we are looking at 13.5 months or so till referral and then 4-5 months for a court date.  Yikes.  But who knows, next month it could be completely different, this is the ebb and flow of adoption.  Adam and I are trying not get wrapped up in time lines and to kind of expect 2 years minimum at this point.

We are praying for the sake of the children of Ethiopia that the time lines will not stay this way, NOT because we want a child in our time frame, but because the longer the wait times, the longer these children live in institutions.  While the Gladney care center is amazing it is certainly no substitution for a family, and there are government run orphanages that are not that great that children are in.      
Please join us in praying for the government in Ethiopia, and the children there as they wait and hope for moms and dads to love them

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