Wednesday, May 25, 2011

randomness and GREAT NEWS!

It is that time of the year when everything starts picking up.  Weddings to attend, family get togethers, time with friends, and just the excitement that summer brings.  Everyone is on the go, enjoying the time off from real world and warmer weather begins to beckon you outdoors.  Hopefully my blogs won't be few and far between, I'll try to be better.  So just some random schmaterings if you will from our life the past couple of days/weeks. And some great news at the end! Save the best for last!

Adam and I went to my long awatied Chris Botti concert.  He is a wonderful jazz trumpet player.  I first fell in love heard him several years ago at a Josh Groban concert.  I got to go to his concert last year when he was at the Carolina Theater.  This year he was at DPAC with the NC symphony orchestra.  It added an entirely new element and it was wonderful! Here is a video from when he played with the Boston Pops

Also does anyone else besides me love this commercial?

I have to say that Panera's Frozen strawberry lemonade is way better.  But this one isn't half bad.

We're gearing up this weekend for lots of fun and festivities for the upcoming nuptials between these two!  Can't freakin wait! I am so excited to be apart of their special day and I can't wait till they finally get to get married!

Also I am super excited for So You Think You Can Dance to come back on.  If you don't watch this show it is a great one to watch during the summer! so fun.  And shhhhh don't tell anyone but Adam doesn't mind watching it, he even likes some of the dances! Here is one of the dances from last year.

Oh yeah and WE ARE BACK INTO ADOPTION ACTION! Adam accepted a position at Bank of America this past week.  It is part time so he will continue with Docent Research that he is currently working for, it is a foot in the door, and we'll see where it takes us.  But coolest part is that he is eligible for benefits and in that is Adoption Assistance! So we could be eligible for that, yes!!! We have already contacted our caseworker and are hoping to get our homestudy scheduled soon! Thanks for your prayers and support during this trying time.  We know this is only one small bump in the road of this adoption journey.  


  1. I didn't know that you liked So you Think you Can Dance? :) This might take the place of our weekly Beth study since we are almost done!! and YAY for adoption action!

  2. Yayy yay yay! Congrats Adam on the job!

  3. YAAAY!! That's awesome Ash! SO happy for you guys.

  4. oh that is such good news, Ashley! Congratulations on both fronts-the job and adoption progress!!


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