Sunday, May 15, 2011

Annual Beach Weekend!

These are dear friends, friends that you feel completely comfortable with.  You can talk about anything with and even in silence it isn't awkward.  Even if it has been a while since we have seen each other you can pick up where you left off like there was no time lost.  We are blessed to have friends such as these and we are thankful.
For the past 2 years on Memorial Day weekend several of our close friends have gone on a camping trip.  This year 2 out of the 5 couples have weddings that weekend.  So we moved it up to a weekend that worked for everyone.  We changed it up a little and went back to Rachel's family friends beach house that we went to last fall.  It is amazing!

This year was a little bittersweet knowing that several couples are going to be leaving soon for different places.  Tyler and Erin are going to India for 3 years.  Chad and Christy are also headed to India for a little over a year.  And more changes in the future are on the way.  We are sad that this is our last trip all together for a while.  We have vowed to make this an annual thing and are looking forward to the next trip already!

Most everyone got there on Thursday morning or night.  But because of my awesome mouth and all the fun surgeries I've had to have I didn't have any extra time off to go down Thursday :(  We got there on Friday afternoon.  Thankfully though my mood was lifted and I was able to get off a lot earlier than originally planned and we got there in plenty of time for dinner!  We spent lots of time on the beach and just hanging out.  We ate at Provision Company 2 times this trip because yes, it is THAT GOOD!  It all too soon came to an end and we headed out on Sunday.  Check out Christy's blog for some more great pictures!

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  1. love that you ate at the provision- we LOVE it...such a good place to relax and enjoy the water. Hope you guys had a good time!


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