Monday, April 25, 2011

Photography Fundraiser

Sorry for the few and far between blogs lately.  I am hoping to do better now that things have calmed down.  We have been out of town some and I have also had another mouth surgery that took a lot more out of me than I was expecting.  Adam took excellent care of me but we are very glad to have life back to normal now for a while.  We have an exciting May coming up and are looking forward to lots of fun times!

Before all of this transpired one of my sister's sweet friends Krista, did a fundraiser for us on her vacation to here from CA.  She had several sessions and gave us a portion of the proceeds from each one.  This was such a tremendous act of generosity and we are SO grateful for her kindness.  It was so special to have pictures focused on our adoption and Silas coming into our family one day.  Here are some from our session:


You can be pretty sure that one of these will be making it's appearance in our header soon!  Thanks so much Krista, we love the pictures!  


  1. i'm so glad!! i loved meeting you and look forward to following your story!! :)

  2. So cute Ash - I love the pictures :)

  3. love them! and yayyyyy for getting to spend a weekend at the beach together in May. CAN'T WAIT!!


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