Thursday, April 28, 2011

holy ikea batman

Oh ikea, where have you been all my life......
When we were home this past weekend for Easter we FINALLY made it to ikea.  I have heard great things and wanted to check it out for myself.  It did not disappoint my friends.  It is a little overwhelming when you first walk in and I think it was obvious that I was a newbie.  Hopefully on my next trip I will seem more experienced.  In case you were wondering there are 2 floors to look through.  And just when you think you're walking in circles, you end up somewhere that you haven't seen before.  We were there and hour and a half and that was nowhere NEAR enough time!  I can't wait to go back.  I have so many ideas and SO much stuff that I want of course!

We stumbled upon this room, I rounded the corner first and saw it and was waiting for the gasp (if you don't know my hubby, he is obsessed loooooves books and this is like his dream room, we currently have one room filled with bookshelves but no where near this cool) sure enough as soon as he saw it he was smitten.  So maybe this is in our future?....
I convinced Adam that we needed to bring this home that day, instead of playing it safe and going home and measuring first then waiting for a return trip, I just hoped that it would fit.  I was right! I love it when that happens! So now this has made a home in our bathroom, and once it is officially mounted on the wall, the decorating can commence!
I am already planning my return trip.... better start saving!  Who is with me!?


  1. Girl, I'm SO with you! Love that place...the gadgets are my favorite!

  2. hey hey! we have that same thing in our bathroom, only in dark brown...I love it! Hope you're doing GREAT!


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