Thursday, March 10, 2011

holding our breath

holding your breath is something you do before you are about to go underwater.
before you take a big leap.
when you're scared or in pain.
or even when you are waiting in adrenaline pumping anticipation for something.
i feel like that is where we are right now. in a constant state of holding our breath for the uncertainty that after we leap the landing won't be pretty. i know that maybe some who read this blog aren't as saturated into the adoption world as we are, so i thought i would let you know what was going on. most of what we know is speculation as to why right now. the thing that we do know is that something is happening in the ethiopian government specifically with MOWA (ministry of women's affairs-these guys give the approval in court for your child to become yours) they are potentially cutting adoptions by 90%. some numbers that i have seen say that there were 2,500 adoptions to the u.s from ethiopia last year. this would reduce that number to 500, across the board, not with just one agency.
to say that that would be a tragedy does not do it justice. not just for the families hoping to bring children into their families but for the precious children that are waiting for moms and dads. i can't even think about how all the statistics that burdened our hearts to adopt from ethiopia would grow exponentially to even more alarming numbers than now.
some say that this change in court proceedings is because of corruption and unethical practices in child abandonment and relinquishment. if this is the case then of course the children absolutely come first and need to be protected, but i pray they will find another way to make sure this happens without leaving so many orphans without a family.
others have said that is it is because of staffing or restructuring. and if this is true i hope and pray that they will take the necessary measures to increase staff and training so that they can continue to process cases. i have to believe right now that this is temporary and not a permanent thing. there is not much information to go off of right now and we are so thankful that our agency is keeping us up to date on the facts. we do know that our God is sovereign. we are confident in Him and His plan and know that adoption for us has been affirmed in our lives right now. we are clinging to that right now in the midst of all our emotions and uncertainty. my hope is that this will all blow-over and will end up being just a hiccup in the process, or possibly even a better, smoother process for ethiopia with improvements in the system. in the mean time we we wait... so while we are holding our breath right now hoping for the best and some more information on how this will effect ethiopian adoptions we ask that you breathe out a prayer for the children of ethiopia and all the families affected.

Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.
Psalm 68:5


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