Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good news!

Quick update.   We got an e-mail from our agency explaining things a little bit further.  They told us that they have confirmed information that MOWA (minstry of women's affiars-the people who process adoption cases) has been issuing 40 opinions a day now.  Which is pretty much back to normal.  So as of now the drastic reduction is not happening!  WOO HOO!  This is a huge weight lifted off us and we are so grateful that things seem to be going smoother over there now.  It looks like they have had some changeover in staff and there is a new director as well that is supposed to be really good. 

We know that adoption is not without bumps in the road and the Lord has been teaching us lots during this time as we rely on Him and His sovereignty.  We are most of all thankful that these children that are so vulnerable will have the opportunity to be adopted in a timely manner.  Praising God!  


  1. I am going to follow you on your journey...although we did not adopt internationally (both of our sons are domestic open adoptions),we have a SILAS and a Stephen!!!

  2. Yay Ash! That's great news! God is good :)

  3. So happy it will not take so long for Silas to come be a part of our family. All to His glory!


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