Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comic Relief

so my parents are infamous for giving us (my sisters and I) "youtube homework." they find funny videos and tell us that we HAVE to watch them. i have to hand it to them, most of what they "assign us" is funny... most. this one is quite unique, you may have already seen it, but i thought i would share this with you because the technology is just cool c'mon. and in this house we, well adam, are apple snobs. currently i am typing this on an a macbook, while texting on my iphone, while my husband is playing on his ipad/iphone simultaneously. it is a disease... don't judge all of these things -1 were gifts!

afterwards my mom is talking about how she wants and ipad for mothers day. my dad says, "why do you need an ipad when you have a mac already?" she says so I can be in Jeff's (new worship pastor at their church) iBand one day!!! ahahaha! love you mom! and I hope dad caves. so who is with me? i'll play the handbells, Christy can I count you in?! (anyone can join, but you're the only one I know who has an ipad, well has as in your husband lets you play with his sometimes like mine!)


  1. haha! you can definitely count me in! Although I do practice the keyboard some on the ipad... maybe I should play that :)

  2. HAHA! Love it.

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  3. haha, that's too cute! I'll come an wave a lighter while you and Christy play :)

  4. I sure hope this is a free app! I will know in a minute.


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