Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Jewelry

As promised here are some pictures of the jewelry we got each other for Christmas. Now I'm sure there are different opinions on this and some might think it is silly, but here is the reasoning. When you're pregnant you have a very physical, tangible reminder of the life that you are expecting to come into your family. It is also there for other people to see and share in your excitement. In adoption you obviously don't have that.
This is just our way of carrying him around with us, to show people that we too are expecting parents. To be honest that's just one of the many hard things about adopting vs. pregnancy. The reactions you get from people is not always filled with the same excitement as when someone announces they are pregnant. It is sometimes glossed over like people don't think you're serious or something. Or their reaction is filled with lots of questions, which is understandable in some cases. Although it might look different and though the wait may be longer than 9 months we are hopeful for that life that will come into our family as well.

It is hard to tell but Adam's ring has a greek inscription on the outside. υκ αφησω υμας ορφανους ερχομαι προς υμας translated John 14:18 I will not leave you as orphans I will come to you. This verse is widely used in adoption circles for obvious reasons, but it is more than just a promise to our son or a phrase to be tossed around. It is the word of God, a promise that our heavenly Father made to us that he has not left us fatherless. We have redemption in him through his son Jesus and have received his inheritance. We are His.
If you're interested in my necklace you can find it here on etsy. And if you like Adam's ring we can give you the name of the jeweler who did it!
Also I have made some necklaces of my own for when I like to change it up a bit. I am probably going to start selling them as a fundraiser too so stay tuned!


  1. I have been awaiting this post! So cute and I think it is absolutely wonderful that you have these reminders. You are going to be a mama and for that we all celebrate this life you will care for! Can't wait to see that necklace around your neck and squeeze you so hard!

  2. OOO, so cute Ash! I love yall's jewelry. Can't wait to see the ones you made too!

  3. how very special, I am enjoying keeping up with your blog!!


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