Monday, January 10, 2011

The Name Game and Giveaway!

Welcome! We have some exciting news! We have picked a name for our baby boy! We thought we would have a little fun with it. We want YOU to participate even if we don't know you personally! That will just make it more fun!

We decided to go ahead and share the name with our families at Christmas. Now we know that everyone has differing opinions on when or if to share their child's name, before or after birth, etc. Or in our case before/after referral or court. But besides the fact that we couldn't wait after we decided on a name to share it, we feel like it will make it easier for our families and us if we have a name to associate with the child we're waiting on. It just makes the whole process that much more personal, for us anyways. To each his own!

We're getting VERY close to our goal for the first chunk of money that goes with all the paperwork/homestudy/dossier. After this we will have until our referral to save for the rest! woo hoo! Praise God, the Lord provides and we are so very humbled.

Here's how The Name Game and Giveaway works:

1. Each guess or entry is a suggested $5 dollar donation (or $10 for 2 guesses, $15 for three... and you get my drift) you can use the paypal button on the side. Or else send us an e-mail (mooreadoption at gmail dot com) for our address if you're not comfortable with the whole online paying thing and you still want to participate.

2. Each entry will give you an opportunity to win either an iPod shuffle or a $50.00 Visa giftcard if you already have a shuffle, your pick!
3. The giveaway will last for 10 days. It will end January 20th, and the winner will be announced on Friday January 21st. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your guess and a way for us to contact you.

1. If multiple people guess the name then we will do a drawing between all those people that guessed the name. Probably just an old-fashioned hat drawing, since using in this case wouldn't really work.

2. If no one guesses the name, then you will ALL be eligible to win, we will use and choose a winner that way.

A Hint:
If you haven't noticed our cute little ticker at the top yet, it says Journey to baby "S" in Ethiopia. So his name starts with an S! that's all the hints folks, now start guessing and spread the word!


  1. We vote SIMON MOORE :)

    so fun and exciting!

    (and we will give you the $ next time we see you... I have my Grandma's check to give you as well!)

  2. We just wanted to throw in one more official guess...



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  4. Well Rebekah, which is it? You can't have both. (cheater) :)

    I'm going to go with...

    Sirron Kcuhc

    which is obviously Chuck Norris spelled backwards. I guess we'll find out how much sway Adam actually has in this naming process...

  5. I'm going with Seth is on its way!

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  7. Samuel is my first choice. Then Simon. But if you change it to an "A" name, we know a family with TEN children that start with "A" and we'll be happy to give you all their options!!

  8. We can vote 3 times right?
    I'm going for
    Can't Wait to find out :)

  9. We want in! We will send you $10 for our guesses. Can we also send money for the puzzle piece or does that have to be done online?

    Our guesses:
    Solomon or Shawn (which means "God's Gracious Gift" if you didn't choose that one initially I'll bet you'll change it based on the meaning!)

  10. Our last vote: SILAS

    ... you can VETO Sequoia if you want to.


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