Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter Snow by Audrey Assad and Chris Tomlin

We got to go to our churches Christmas concert on Friday night. What I LOVE about our church is that everything is about the gospel so it was not some huge big to-do program with live animals that may or may not cooperate (by the way did you hear about this guy?! oh wow), that drains our budget when it could probably best be used for other things. Instead the choir just sings as well as some audience participation, and it is was a night of worshiping the Lord together. This year they actually sold tickets and all the proceeds are going to jump start our prison ministry. Our church leaders have identified 5 areas of society that we are going to focus on: the orphan, the high-school dropout, the homeless, the prisoner, and the unwed mother.
This song was sung beautifully by one of the members. I had never heard it but it is so beautiful, one of the best new Christmas songs I've heard. Love it!

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  1. Pretty Song! And O-M-G I can't believe they had a live camel in the church... and that he sat on the people! Maybe he just wanted a seat in the pew instead of being in the show. Sounds like a classic case of the stage fright to me! ;)


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