Thursday, December 9, 2010

Next Steps...

We are so very grateful to be at this point! Next we are looking forward to getting our home study scheduled and completed soon! Some of the things that got us to this point are:
  • Selling a ton of Mary Kay items on Craigslist, to friends and family, as well as at the school's craft fair!
  • Just Love Coffee, you can visit our store here. Or by clicking the button to the right.
  • Also our puzzle pieces! We're getting close to 200 hooray! and our goal is 500
  • We also love that our parents have jumped on board. Adams mom did a jewelry party in our honor, and my mom did a ThirtyOne party as well.
We appreciate all who have supported us thus far through giving and prayer. If you're interested in getting involved click on the how you can help tab! We are forever grateful!


  1. does the "s" mean its the first letter of his name? hehe i have my ideas ;)

  2. nice job on being the first to notice the "Baby S." I think we need some type of name guessing competition.


  3. please have a contest!!! i totally have my S named already picked out, in fact as soon as I read it I said the name without saying "S" if that makes any sense....

    S names are the BEST! I should get an award for noticing hehehe


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