Friday, November 12, 2010

Pain with a Purpose

Today Adam and I had to have physicals and blood work done for our paperwork. I was actually excited to get to this point! It means we're making progress people! Adam on the other hand was not thrilled about the idea of being poked and prodded, but we women are tough and I had it all together. I'm still not sure how I came out with a tetanus shot and he didn't when he was totally due before me, but your time is coming my friend! muhahahaha

They have to make sure that we don't have and "communicable diseases", and of course the infamous TB test, why is it that you always have to have this done? Let me ask you something, just curious but if I had TB don't you think I WOULD KNOW IT?!!

The Dr. also asked me if we had been through infertility testing, partly because it is on the form, but when I replied, no we haven't we have no idea if we're infertile, we just wanted to adopt first. Her response was, and they'll "let you do that?" Sometimes I forget that I am not in my adoption bubble and most people don't get that we're called as believers to care for the orphans, so I kindly replied, Adoption was never plan B for us, this is just something we wanted to do. I missed an opportunity to share with her about our spiritual adoption in Christ, and how it is because of His love for us that we are responding to and that is why we're adopting. Help me to be bold Lord!

This is partly why we're adopting our first child, we hope to be a part of changing the culture of adoption and the way it is viewed. Our adoption mentors did a guest blog over at A Life Well Photographed, who is taking our Christmas pictures tomorrow by the way, can't wait for that! She does a great job of explaining Why Adoption First.

I was hoping to get some pictures to document our day but we weren't together except for the beginning and the end but here is what I like to think happened when they came at him with the needle for blood work
In all actuality I'm sure he was very brave... uhhum uhhum...

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