Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grocery Bill REVEALED!

Just in case you were on the edge about entering the giveaway for the FREE coupon class I wanted to share a quick rundown of our grocery bill this week. We did pretty good if you ask me, I'm sure there is always room for improvement which is why I plan on attending again for a refresher!

We got A LOT of stuff for just 2 people. Including several things that we didn't have to have, like: Colgate Wisps ($0.50), Starbucks Natural Fusion Coffee ($5.50), and a DVD ($2.00). I also stocked up on some Campbells soups for $0.87 each, then I got home and realized that I already had several so now that I have 45,349,403 soups in the cabinet I won't be buying those for a while!

So our total bill would have been $170.21 and for the record that is the highest total we have had since starting couponing, maybe ever, that is a lot of money for 2 people geeze! but we paid $77.03 that is a savings of 55% or $93.18. I'll take that people!

The great thing about couponing is you can get those little extra things that you might not have purchased otherwise. Also, we were able to stock up on some things so it is likely that next week our grocery bill will be less. So go comment on my original post and win that class so you can be on your way to cutting your grocery bill in half!

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  1. I've wanted to attend one of her classes, but don't want to give up a night right now to do it. Can we chat sometime about ideas?? I went to Wal-Mart today with Baby Cole and almost lost my mind grocery shoppint!


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