Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pimpley Puppy

Our little Tucker is growing up....we first noticed some bumps under his chin that weren't going away a while ago. After taking him to the vet they informed us that is was in fact "doggy acne." Basically it is clogged pores, most likely from the oil in his food that builds up. I mean it's not like he wipes his face after he eats! They gave us some medicine/doggy Clearasil to put on them. We started wiping his face after he ate to clean it and they eventually went away. Not until recently has he had any, and boy was this one a doozie!

"Stop Mom you're embarrassing me!!!"
Thankfully they have cleared up for the most part, just in time for his furry best friend to come and play with him for a few days while we're at the beach!

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