Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ocean Isle

We got to spend a week at Ocean Isle Beach with Adam's family and it was great! We were so looking forward to it after me having sinus surgery 1 1/2 weeks before, and not having a week long vacation since our honeymoon! geeze! This real world thing is rough! And it was the first vacation with my college roommate as my sister-in-law, fun!

The view from our house right on the beach
Our daily afternoon activity, family pool volleyballI think this was my first time winning at putt putt like ever, much to Adam's dismay!
Yes the boys/David made a sling shot to launch water balloons off the deck onto the beach, I'm happy to say no one was harmed
This is before he knew he was going to looooooooose!
We still wish we were still there of course, but looking forward to another beach week with my side in August! We're so blessed to have such wonderful families.


  1. glad yall had a great week. looks like a lot of fun!

  2. We loved being with all of you! Fun times.


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