Monday, June 7, 2010

Weddings and the Lake

A couple of weekends in May, Adam and I got to go to some friends weddings. Our pastor is doing a series on Ephesians, one week he talked about marriage and I think he said it best. He said that the reason that weddings are emotional is because, "There is a moment in every wedding... when the bride enters the church... rarely is it because of how beautiful the wife is... (no offense) but I think, here is a picture of purity and beauty... yet, when Christ married me, I was ugly and scarred and deformed... and had sold myself to sin completely... a slave to sin, and Christ received me. He made me, not found me, lovely." We got to stay at home during the weddings and visit with family. We took a boat ride with Adams parents. Tucker loved the boat, true water dog!
Yes folks, that is a helicopter dock, and that is not the only one we saw.... hum shall I take the chopper or bentley to work today?....
We love this place!
And finally, the back of Kid Rocks house on the lake, massive!

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  1. I can not get over that house! I didn't know Kid Rock had a house on Lake Norman?! It is huge!

    Glad y'all got to be at home and go to the weddings... and that Tuck got enjoy the boat. so cute.


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