Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Furminator!

With warmer weather comes a lot more dog hair, as The Tuck sheds his winter coat. There was dog hair everywhere, and something had to be done...pronto! We took a family trip to PetSmart and behold I found:

It was a little pricey so the hubby had to be talked into it, the biggest selling point for him/us was that it gets the undercoat. With traditional de-shedding tools they only do the top layer, but Labs have an undercoat that needs to be shedded as well. It was totally worth it! I think I took off half a dog the first timeHe still sheds of course but not nearly the volume that he was before. They recommend weekly maintenance to keep it at a minimum. In my opinion great investment, after all I am the one sweeping the house!


  1. we have one and it is INCREDIBLE!!! definitely worth it :)

  2. We borrowed one and tried it on bella and it works GREAT! Glad to see you like it too :)

  3. we borrowed one and used it on bella and WHOA that thing works. I think we need to invest in one too...glad you give it a good review too :)


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