Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DIY Glass Etching

This is my new favorite project, it is super easy and awesome! I stumbled on this awesome tutorial you know a link from a blog through a blog etc. you know how it goes. I love making these as wedding presents, so if you invite me to your wedding good chance you're going to get an original! As she says on the tutorial, "What bride doesn't love getting a piece showing off her new initial?!" I love to find the glass pieces at HomeGoods they always have unique pieces at great prices. A couple of tips, 1) Take a coupon from the paper to michaels the etching cream is about $12 I think, they're in the paper every sunday. 2) contact paper was a little hard to find, I couldn't find a roll but I actually found a pack of laminating paper at staples. Here is my creation in the process:


  1. love it! i think i may try this soon...or pray i get marred so you can just make me one! :)

  2. OOooOoh, cool! I will definitely be checking out that site. Looks professional :)


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