Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well this post it a bit overdue, I've been a big blogging slacker recently, oops! Blogging is just one of those things that gets put on the back-burner sometimes, but that's ok! Adam and I got to try our hand at "parenting" for a day and took Jackson to Marbles and Chic-fil-a. Or did Jackson take us to Marbles and Chic-fil-a? was he was just our excuse to act like kids again? We'll have to think that one through. But anyhow, he had a great time moving from station to station, he didn't even get mad once when we moved on to the next one. We took him to chic-fil-a after, his favorite, and Adams, then back to our house to take a nap. He was a trooper and took it easy on us inexperienced people. He saved it all for when he got home that night, not on his best behavior. After some correction he was in good spirits again and we enjoyed eating pizza with Ben and Ivey. Not long after that it was time for him to go to bed and for us to head home. We had a great time with him and can't wait till we get to hang out with him again! His favorite thing was to drive all the cars, boat, firetruck, ambulance, delivery truck, we visited all of them, a couple of times.

Jackson loves to water plants
And himself!

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  1. Looks like Jackson had fun. Adam, you look like you will be a natural one day! :)


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