Thursday, April 8, 2010

Home Improvements

The title should actually read, "Home Improvements, with help from people who know what they're doing" but I figured that was too long. This past weekend my parents came up to help us with some projects. Underneath our sink has been semi-dripping thanks to some rusted old sink parts that had not been properly installed and had been collecting water. This is what the part looked like after is was pulled outgross I know, you're welcome for that by the way.

Our faucet was also shot and dripped unless you turned it just the right way, turning it off took talent. So dad installed a new one for us with a matching sprayer, which is Adams favorite part by the way, and not just the standard black one that comes with all standard faucets, you know which one I'm talking about. The best part is, you can turn it off normally without having to have special skills and it doesn't drip!
Next dad installed a garbage disposal for us. The electric was already wired down there including a switch on the wall, why the previous homeowners never installed one, I'll never know, I love those things. Something we learned about garbage disposals is that when you go to Lowes and you push the buttons that mimic the sound of which garbage disposal you're buying are totally inaccurate. We picked the non $300 almost silent disposal and decided to save our pennies and just invest in some ear plugs if necessary. When we turned it on for the first time after installation we were totally shocked at how quiet it is, tossed the earplugs, and laughed at the guy who fell for it.
While Adam and Dad were working on that I was outside with my mom planting some flowers around our tree out front. We began by looking smemi crazy and put newspapers and torn up phone book pages around the tree and wetting them down.My mom is an expert horticulturist, so I trusted her. It is supposed to keep out weeds in a way that is still good for the soil.... I think.p.s. anyone else tired of the pollen? poor Tucker comes inside a yellow labMy goal is not to kill the plants, so far so good, I'm 2-2 so far in remembering to water them!


  1. I can totally relate-- we had to replace our faucet too! Those things are expensive!! I'm gonna try that newspaper trick too! :) Everything looks great!

  2. Looks good! I never knew about the newspaper thing, very interesting! The new faucet looks very sleek. I'm sure I will really enjoy using that when I move in on Monday :)

  3. ha! at least it matches his collar!! Penny is pretty yellow too-i love when she comes up after sniffing the grass-her nose and face are yellow!


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