Sunday, March 21, 2010

Learning to Coupon

My friend Erin over at The Boone Blog invited me to a coupon class and I've really been wanting to learn how to do it. The lady that taught it is local and she is more than willing to help you get started her blog is worth checking out. I hear stories of these people who get $100 worth of groceries for like $15 or $20! I just needed someone to break it down for me and tell me how it works. So I'm going to share some of the things that she taught us that I have easily been able to put into practice. And let me tell you it works! We haven't even gotten into it hardcore yet and we have already split our grocery bill in half. The formula for how much you should be spending on groceries/household items/health/hygiene is, 2 x(# of people in your family)=4(for us), 4 x 7(days of the week)=28. Hopefully we'll get there! $28 a week is the goal.

First Step,
Start getting the Sunday paper, you can ask to add extra coupons for like $1, look for a subscription promotion online. Then get organized. She recommended a zipper binder so things don't fall out as easy. Get some tabs, and either page protector sheets or baseball card sheets. I went the baseball card route since I like to be able to see everything and I feel like it holds things in place better than just an open top page protector.

Know the rules of the grocery stores as to how you can use your coupons. She told us that she has done lots of price comparisons and finds that with coupons Harris Teeter is the cheapest, I'm not wasting my time and believing her so that's the store I'm going with! Their rules are: They double manufacturer coupons up to 99 cents everyday, limit of 20 coupons doubled per day. Limit 3 identical coupons per transaction. Get a VIC card, and sign up for their Internet coupons and promotions.

Go to some websites and find out the deals at different stores. She recommended Southern Savers. This one is great, breaks it down by store and which coupon to use. I know a lot of people use the grocery game. I haven't tried that one yet but I've heard it's really easy. Also the KEY TO COUPONING IS: shop sale+coupon. That's what you're using the websites for is to find out what is on sale. Don't buy things that aren't on sale that's where stockpiling comes in to play. Stock up on an item that might not be on sale again for a while.

Try it, she says just do baby steps. Maybe the first week you just get your organization stuff. Then the next week you just use one or two coupons, and then build from there. It's easy to get overwhelmed so start small. Also, it's not for everyone. For some people the time that it takes to do all this is not worth it, but for others it is, figure out if it's worth it for you. There are so many more tips but in efforts to keep it short these are the main things. Good luck!


  1. I so want to get into this! I signed up for some emails that send me coupons but I'm not organized yet. I need to get on it! Thanks for the tips! :)

  2. I LOVE SU! I can't even beging to talk about it. I am taking the coupon class again (tomorrow) to see what I can glean from having done the whole couponing thing for almost 7 months now.
    If you wanna do the next class sometime, let me know, I'd love to go with you :)

  3. thanks for posting some tips! I'm sad I didn't join y'all! You will have to keep us posted on your savings.

  4. So I had to come over here because I was getting so many hits from your blog. Thanks for the linky love to my blog. I am excited that you have seen success already. And just wait. . triples is this week!!! You gotta let me know how you do there :) So should we offer a giveaway on your blog. . a free coupon class to one of your readers?? Email me. :)


  5. So I like the post from SU...I think a giveaway should happen and sign me up. I want to be at the next class!!!! Love you Ash!

  6. I was going to blog about Su's class too, but you did such a good job I don't think I need to, ha. Loved that we went together. We can encourage each other now. :)


    Btw, how cool that she posted on your blog!


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