Sunday, March 7, 2010


This weekend was the culmination of several projects that we/I have been wanting to do. We have been collecting things and waiting on some warmer weather. We got some new bedding for our guest room from "the Beyond" on clearance, and you'll never guess what color it is!? BROWN!! It just goes with everything, and in my defense it was a good deal! We are trying to make our guest room a little more functional and comfortable for our guests.

I have been wanting to make a headboard for this room so I did some research. I am an avid HGTV watcher and have seen them do it several times. I also read a "how to upholster a headboard" on one of my favorite blogs. The thing about theirs was that they just used a frame and batting, we wanted to use plywood and foam so it would be a little more sturdy so I had to figure out how to hang it on the wall. So what does one do? You google it! So I found that here, and then the guy at Lowes helped us find a variation of it.

We went to Mill Outlet Village to find some fabric to cover it with. They have tons! I was a little overwhelmed. Those ladies there are hardcore and don't mess around, not really great for a novice like myself who didn't really know what I wanted or how much I needed. I guess you have to be tough in the scary world of fabric. We took some swatches with us and then came back the next day once we decided and had some more precise measurements.

Next was a trip to Lowes to get some supplies and plywood. Note to self: Think about how long the plywood is in relation to the length of your car before purchasing it. We ended up shoving it into Adams car all the way from front to back where it was hanging over our heads on the way home, quite hilarious, people were staring and giving us the thumbs up sign as we went down the road, good thing we didn't have to go far. I mean I would have starred at us! My sweet husband endured this embarrassment for me without much complaint... the things we do for love!

I'll spare you the boring details about about all the problems we had cutting the plywood, needless to say we learned some things about cutting plywood (one of the hardest to cut because of all the glue etc.), saws (you need different types of blades for different types of woods), it helps if the wood is flat when you cut, and when all else fails use a saw powered with elbow grease!
So while Adam was cutting wood:
I was spray painting the chair I got last summer! I had started painting it one color last year, and didn't like it, then I decided I would wait to get some fabric to re-upholster the seat and then decide what color to paint it, hence the reason I had to wait for a warm day.
So here are the finished products! Chair before:
Chair After:
And here is the headboard in the room without the pillows in front of it:
And last but not least the spring wreath I made this past week, is it too early to hang it up?!!
I would like to say that the head board was super cheap but we decided to go with the more expensive fabric that we liked, and foam is a lot more expensive then we thought! It was about $36 and we went with the cheaper stuff! But it is custom, and adds a lot more to the room than just a regular headboard. Plus time with your spouse=priceless! haha!


  1. Wow you guys got a lot done! I can't wait to stay in the guest room. Wish you guys could have been here tonight. Love ya

  2. wow! you guys are amazing! it's fun to do these kinds of projects together... working on the house was one of our hobbies when we first got married. i guess it helped that the house needed a lot of work! looking forward to seeing what else you accomplish! jennifer, from fusion ;

  3. I'm very impressed! I watch HGTV ALL THE TIME too so it's good to know what they do is actually doable for someone like me! :) Everything looks great!

  4. WoW Ash, it looks GREAT! I love watching them do that on HGTV, so you give me confidence that it can actually be done!

  5. So cute! I love the fabric. Proud of you! I think you should go ahead and hang your wreath...first day of Spring is right around the corner (less than 11 days I believe)! Can't wait to come stay in that room ;-)

  6. GREAT work! I'm very impressed. The chair looks much better. I never would have had the vision for it that you had when we saw it in that store.

    I for sure think you should hang that wreath up... I decided to hang my Springy wreath up today. The gorgeous sunshine and warmer weather inspired me. Hope to see you tonight!

  7. The headboard is on my personal to do list for our bedroom!! I'll be calling if I ever decide to take it off the to do list :)

  8. Love it all especially the ones who did all the work and endured the emabarrassment.


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