Monday, February 8, 2010

The snow that wouldn't go away

As everyone knows that is in this area, and the subject of most recent blogs, we got some snow around here! The thing is, is it wouldn't go away. Our neighborhood was a sheet of ice and stayed that way for about a week. We had to share Adams car because it is a 4 wheel drive. Even though my bug is front wheel drive (the next best thing) it just wasn't cutting it. Adam had to push it out of the driveway, and then once we got it out and realized it wasn't going anywhere, he had do some maneuvering just to get it back in! I was glad when it finally melted and we could be back to normal. Our area is just not well equipped to handle it, making it a lot less fun, after the first day that is! Tucker was not so thrilled about the melting, he looooooves the snow, it was hard to get him to come inside! Sorry Tuck frosty will be back again one day!


  1. Our dog loved the snow too! I thought she would've hated but nooo, totally loved it! :) So funny!

  2. your house is beautiful in the snow! and always but ya know what i cute!

  3. The house looks lovely. Can't wait to see the new bathroom. Have fun with the Moores. Love you both.


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