Wednesday, December 9, 2009

something old made new!

I really wanted something that I could display all of my beautiful wedding china in when we got married. My grandmother had this old pie safe that she used to use sitting in storage. I asked if I could use it and she told me I could HAVE it haha. She had painted it at some point but it wasn't quite my taste. Here is its transformation:


I love it now and it fits our style much better! The best part is that it was free except for the cost of paint!


  1. Looks great! I love old furniture refurbished.. and especially when it doesn't have a Potterybarn price tag on it... and this piece is special :)

  2. looks great Ash! I like the green color that you painted the back!

  3. Ashley..that looks really good..great job! Look at you! :)

  4. it's beautiful! how sweet of your grandma... and how crafty of you! ;)
    ~jdavis2 (from the east side...)

  5. Aren't you so creative! I agree with Christy - I love the green in the back... a little taste of what it used to look like =)


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