Friday, November 13, 2009


Adam and I spent our Halloween in an unusual way. We went to Florida and back in 45 hours! We got to go with Adam's parents to the Florida/Georgia game. Adam grew up a Georgia fan, both of his parents went to UGA, so I guess by default I am now a Georgia fan too! I was just along for the ride, football doesn't mean that much to me, but we had a good time. It was sooooo hot, I mean ridiculously hot, we poured sweat! We had a good time walking around before the game, playing corn hole, foosball, and ping pong around the stadium. Although Georgia didn't pull out a win they "stayed in the game" until the 4th quarter, or so I'm told.
Finally the sun going down, the only relief we got from direct sunlight all day was at the very end of the game. Next time I will be more prepared. What was I thinking I mean I was in Florida!

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