Saturday, October 17, 2009

Go Canes!

Adam and I got the chance to go to our first hockey game! We had really great seats, only about 7 rows back. I have more of a vested interest in hockey because I work for Eye Care Associates and they are sponsors of the Carolina Hurricanes. The doctor I work for is also the team doctor for the Hurricanes and is usually at all the home games. I also get to see several players during the year in the office from time to time, although I can't tell you which ones!!! Put it this way... I know who does NOT need to loose a contact during a game haha! Hockey is a great sport to watch because there is so much action, I never got bored. I can't say the same for basketball, football, etc. sorry :) I feel like we are really experiencing Raleigh now and getting to do some of the "local" things. Coming up soon we will be doing what every Raleigh resident does at this time of year! any guesses? Couldn't pass up a chance for some cotton candy!

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