Monday, October 5, 2009

"Falling" in love

This past weekend we got to go to Boone for Erin and Tyler's wedding. I have not been back to Boone since I graduated and it was so nice to go back, we love that town and wish we would have been able to spend more time. After the wedding we walked around downtown and went to a couple of the shops that we love before heading down the mountain. The weather was absolutely beautiful, could not have been more perfect for their wedding.
The place they got married was absolutely beautiful, I would love to stay there!
We are so excited for Tyler and Erin and feel blessed to be a part of their wedding day!

On a side note my friend Magan inspired me to make a Fall Wreath! Once you go in Michaels it is easy to get inspired, and all the Fall stuff is 50% off so I made the wreath for $17, not quite as good as Magan! I have been wanting a wreath for a while and now I have a custom one, highly recommend making your own, it doesn't even take that long!
If you notice something strange about the fruit it's because it's glittery haha


  1. Your wreath looks so good! I'm very impressed!!! :)

  2. Nicely done, Ashley! I personally think the berries completed it. :-)

  3. Thanks for posting some pics from our wedding, Ashley! Would you mind emailing me those? I like them all, and I'm trying to gather some guests' photos. And I love the title..."falling in love." Very cute. Neat wreath too! I'm impressed!


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