Sunday, September 27, 2009

R.I.P. Mr. Ducky

I was talking with my co-worker the other day about how odd it was that Tucker doesn't destroy toys. He likes that they squeak and is content to squeak them all day long without ripping it to shreds. He has had one toy that we call uncle sam (it looks like that one except its red with a patriotic top hat!) since we got him. He was running low on toys since a couple of them were destroyed by playing tug-of-war, so we took a trip to PetsMart and got a Halloween toy and this really cool duck that seemed durable and made duck noises when it is squeaked. We noticed that Tucker was thrashing his head more than normal with this toy. You know what I'm talking about, when a dog gets something in their mouth that they want to kill so they violently shake their head back and forth trying to kill it? Well I left for church and put the Duck in his kennel. We leave toys in his kennel with him confident that he won't destroy it since we have not had that problem, in case he gets bored while we're gone. Well this is what I came home to...
I guess the hunter in him came out!
All of the duck guts and its lifeless body being laid to rest in a Target bag.

Adam's parents and sister came to visit last weekend and brought Tucker a Georgia jersey. Although they said a medium would fit a lab, the large didn't even work and Tucker did not want to move, it was more like a straight jacket, poor dog! But he hung in there long enough to get a few cute pictures! Go Dawgs!
see how tight it is! it looks like he has rolls haha! Grandma is working on getting him a bigger size!


  1. The destroying of the toys is a common occurance at my house... Gotta love them!!

  2. So, I guess I jinxed you yesterday. Sorry I won't ask again if he has chewed anything lately :-\


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