Friday, September 11, 2009

A little of this, a little of that

yeah yeah yeah I know I have been a less than desirable blogger lately but truthfully it is the Macs fault. I have made my case that downloading pictures is more difficult on a Mac than a PC... Adam doesn't agree. Anyhow I wanted to share with you what the back of our house now looks like. When we bought it all the boards were perfectly intact and the deck nice a clean. Now:
and that is only 2 boards, oh yes there are moreand the nature conservatory.
The culprit:

I also wanted to share with you a family tradition on my side. See my mom makes the best homemade biscuits in the world, not an overstatement. Even though she worked all day long she would still come home and make us delicious dinners that often included these fluffy drops of heaven. My parents have a honey pot that they got a long time ago that we used to top our biscuits with. No plastic bears for us! My sisters and I all love it especially because my dad is a honey connoisseur and keeps it well stocked. So my dad had each of us our own honey pot made to look like the one my parents have.

the delicious honey I got to fill the pot at the farmers marketa priceless treasure....


  1. aww, but the culprit is so cute... you can tell in his eyes that he is sorry. love the honey pot too. What a sweet gift!

  2. I believe it - Kevin' uncle got a new lab and he ate the brake lining off his truck. Ruthless, I tell you!

  3. Two things.... First, Adam is such a Mac snob, Second, "Some say they're like little drops of heaven, but whatever..." Haha


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