Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Moral of the story is...

Adam and I had a cleaning/home improvement day on saturday. We worked all afternoon when we got home from work and still did not get everything done. Always something to do when you own a home! One of Adam's jobs is to take out the trash. The story begins like this:
  • Adam goes to pull the trash bag out of the can
  • He pulls really hard because it is kind of full
  • The bag begins to tear because we should have bought Glad Force Flex apparently
  • He pulls the bag almost out of the trash can when we realize the bag is ripped
  • He lowers it back into the trash can so that we can do the ole flip the trashcan over into a new bag trick
  • We hold the bag around the sides and try to dump the trash in
  • The sides start to slip from all the trash and:p.s. this is after we picked up all the big things
me holding tucker back and being grossed out because of the smell and "gook and stuff"

So before we got Tucker I heard some stories about labs/puppies in general chewing things like, baseboards, walls, and occasionally a small child or two, etc. I was like, that won't happen to us, do people just not watch their dogs? We don't leave Tuck alone in the house, when we're gone he stays in his kennel. So you might ask... how did this happen?:
RIGHT UNDER MY FLIPPIN NOSE! Adam and I were sitting on the couch, Tucker was sitting on the other side of the coffee table chewing on his bone, or so we thought... I guess he took a quick break from it to rip my flip flop in half! We didn't even know it was happening until Adam got up and saw my rainbow. RIP rainbows RIP

So the morale of the story is:
1. Don't buy cheap trash bags
2. Raising a puppy is no piece of cake


  1. Hilarious and sad that you lost your rainbows at the same time. Maybe you should wait a few more months before you buy another pair in case Tucker is still enticed by them. :-)

  2. oh no! so sad about your shoe! too funny!

  3. Courtney & Spence: "HAHAHA! SUCKERS! We warned you!"
    But really I am sorry about your shoe. I would definitely have had a cry.


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