Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tucker Goes to the Beach

Sounds like the title of a children's story doesn't it?! This past week Adam and I got to spend about 4 days down at Kitty Hawk with his family. Luckily we were able to take Tucker with us. The trip was definitely too short. Here are a few pictures of what we did. We went to the Wright Brothers National Museum Memorial Park thing or something like that. I have been twice now, another time when I was a kid with my family, it's historic I can appreciate it... I'll leave it at that.Tucker also got to swim for the first time. He caught right on. Apparently as Adam has researched and informed me that labs are made for swimming, they have webbed feet, and their tail acts like a rudder. The only thing that freaked him out was he couldn't figure out how to get out until we would guide him to the stairs. Tucker doesn't like stairs so much so maybe next time when he is more brave he will appreciate it. This is right before we went out to dinner for an early fathers day meal with Adam's dad and grandfather. What did I used to blog about? Holding him like a baby, I think he is more work than a small child. We had a great time minus the fact that right before we left Tucker and I got chased by a fox, it was not fun, I thought we were going to get eaten. It makes for a good story now but at the time not so funny. I'll try to post pictures of our house soon!


  1. Ash- that one picture of you and Tucker is SO cute. It is funny that you said what did I used to blog about? Glad you had fun at the beach!

  2. I am so glad you guys could come. I think this should be a family tradition. One day we will bust the seams of a house.
    Love you both,
    oh wait love you all three.

  3. Aw how sweet. Thanks again for shopping yesterday. I had fun!


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