Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Camping/Tucker/Moving: all rolled into one

So this really should be three posts, but we'll just make it one extra long one so hang in there!

We got to go on a camping adventure with some of our good friends to Wrightsville Beach. Most of us had not been camping so we didn't really know what to expect. We weren't technically roughing it since we were at a campground. Adam had to tell me to get over the fact that we couldn't keep ALL the dirt and bugs out of the tent, but we did our best, and actually slept well on our nicely inflated air mattress all three nights. Here's my man putting up our home for the weekend
Going out to dinner at the Oceanic!
What would camping be without a fire and s'mores?! Delicious :)

When we got back it was only a few days before we got to pick up our new baby/puppy Tucker! He has adjusted very well and would chew up the whole house if we let him, he does not go unsupervised. We are surprised by how smart he is though and is already learning. One not so cute trick is when he decides to pick his water bowl up and carry it off in the house. Let's just say his water drinking is supervised now as well!He is slowly learning how to play fetch, we try to burn off energy as much as we can haha!
Here he is laying on the stairs of our new house! We got all moved in this past weekend, our families came and helped us move in. We hate moving, who doesn't?! But it was worth it to be in our wonderful new home. We have lots of plans to do some painting and decorating. Before and after pictures to come. It certainly is a work in progress and we can't wait to be all settled in!


  1. cant wait to see pictures of your house!!!

  2. OH! Seeing Tucker so cute and small makes me miss when Shamgar was that size. Great idea to make sure he knows boundaries from the beginning. Ready to see house pictures!!

  3. Can't wait to see the house and Tucker tonight! yay!

  4. Is your hair curly in the pic of you guys going out to dinner?


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