Sunday, May 3, 2009

We chose.....

HOUSE #2!!!!

Here is the story we actually loved this house more, but we felt like we would be idiots if we didn't at least try to make an offer on the foreclosed house since it was going to be a whole lot of house in our price range. We had been praying for an easy decision, and on Friday morning we were going to go to our realtor's office to make an offer on it. She called us right before and said there were 9, yes 9, offers coming in on that house. They asked everyone to submit their highest and best offer... well we could not compete. But it worked out for the best for us!

So, there was our answer, and the decision was easy. We still ended up going to our realtor's office at 11:30 just making a different offer on a different house! We negotiated all afternoon and evening finally coming to an agreement. Right now our closing date is May 28th. Hopefully it will stay that day, needless to say we are anxious to get in there! Adam is going on Wednesday for the inspection so he will try to get a better picture then! Thanks for playing along :)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! The house looks super cute! So happy for you!! :)

  2. yaaay! that was the one that i thought you guys should pick! congratulaions!

  3. Aw that is so exciting! The house looks beautiful! I miss seeing you guys on Sundays and I hope all is well! Love yall!

    ~Lindsey Lomax

  4. Yay congrats! Closing on a house was fun,we just did it last week. We'll have to share houses once we've all moved in :) We're in Knightdale, we are officially moving in Memorial Day weekend. Love you guys!


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