Tuesday, May 19, 2009


a snug retreat or refuge; resting place; home. I'm pretty sure that this is what they call it when you get ready for a new baby. Is it the same for a dog? haha, I'm not sure but we are getting ready for little Tucker to come home. We have tried not to go crazy at PetsMart and I think we have done a pretty good job thus far. We got him a collar with his name on it, leash, toys, and a Frisbee to play with Adam since he has a new love of disc golf. Since we are new to being puppy parents we were introduced to the world of Kongs. So we got him a puppy Kong that you can put treats in, hopefully it will entertain him for a while so he doesn't chew on something else, like say... um furniture! We also know that crate training him is the best thing, so we got an awesome deal on this giant crate so he can still fit in it when is is big. It has a divider panel in it so it can grow with your puppy, nifty huh?
This picture doesn't really do it justice, we affectionately refer to it as the bear cage. We went to visit him on Sunday night and the breeder said that he thinks another one of the dogs pawed him on his face and basically tore his bottom eye lid. Poor little guy, it looked worse that it was, but he did need 2 stitches. His eye is fine thankfully, and he will heal up just fine. This breeder has gone above and beyond what we could have asked for. If anyone is interested in getting a lab I highly highly recommend him. Hopefully the next pictures will be of us bringing him home!


  1. Yay for you! So excited! And it's completely normal to go crazy buying stuff for a puppy- Brooks & I did too! FYI on the Kongs... my parents' dogs could NEVER get the treats out so we found that putting a little peanut butter in the hole keeps them just as occupied-- and it's easier to get out with their tongues! So try that if you want! :)

  2. I totally love that you called it nesting. So true though! Can't wait to meet little Tucker! Hope his eye is healing!

  3. Kongs are definitely a must for a lab, we did both treats and peanut butter for Sham. We also had that same crate, and we love it, we found that baby blankets made it nice and snuggly...


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