Monday, April 27, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

We had a great weekend with some of our friends at Lake Hyco. A couple from their church owns the lake house and are so incredibly nice to let them use it. The lake is only about 45 minutes away from Durham, and so beautiful. But guess what?...I committed the cardinal sin of blogging and left my camera on the couch on the way out of the door. But thankfully two wonderful ladies Christy, and Brooke who were there, are faithful bloggers and have pictures on theirs! We had such a blast and are a little sunburned. Like Brooke, I am so sore from pulling myself up onto the tube a dozen times, but oh so worth it. Thanks for letting us tag along Ridgecrest group :)
Fact: The more people on a tube the easier you fall off.

On a side note Adam's little brother David and Courtney, one of my college roommates got engaged on Friday night while we were there. They called us to tell us the good news! We are so excited for them, and I can't wait to have Courtney as my sister-in-law:) Round 2 here we go! Woo hoo!!!

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  1. So glad you could tag along! It was so much fun! Thanks for letting us tag along Memorial Day weekend :)


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