Thursday, March 12, 2009

Courtney and David come to visit!

We had our first house-guests come to visit us this past weekend. My brother-in-law David and his girlfriend/my college roommate came to stay with us on Saturday and Sunday. The made it down on Saturday afternoon. After a tour of the house and some catching up we started to cook dinner. Adam grilled steaks while Courtney and I finished up the rest of the fixin's. Here we are enjoying our yummy dinner!

On Sunday we got to take them to church and had a great lunch together at Johnny Carinos. After that they had to head back home, it was a quick trip but we enjoyed having them and hope that they will come again soon!
On Sunday afternoon Adam and I enjoyed a little outdoors time since the weather was so beautiful. I read while Adam tried to take a nap. It was so nice and I can't wait for warm weather all the time instead of this 75 degree weather one day and 50 the next!

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  1. So glad you guys got to spend some time together. I am ready for that warm weather to come back :)


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